Returning home means to relax the mood, slow down the pace, condense the thoughts, and rejuvenate the soul.


As vision and movement are guided by lights and shades, materials, and lines, the imagination of gradual regeneration takes shape while the space remains open and accessible.


Through alternations of materials and lines, the primitive and rugged design leads into an exquisite, delicate space. The dynamic, tilted style extends and modifies to become a still and horizontal pattern. One step outside the elevator is a primitive black stone wall that allows people to condense their thoughts. When they walk into the bright and fresh drawing room, all distracting thoughts would be replaced by a relaxed and casual mood.


In the hope to promote casual interactions between family members, we organized the space to group pathways together. Facilities such as the elevator, shoe cabinets, and bathrooms are centralized to create a pathway for free movement.Small exhibitions of artworks were also added to construct a corridor of encounter, adding sparkles of fun to meeting people.


By the corridor, daylight radiates down through the inner roofless courtyard. The opening on the TV wall in the drawing room brings in a touch of green and lighting into the area. This adds the element of vitality to the sensible and purified space, and removes any burden from the peaceful atmosphere.

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