“At first the opening was very narrow, barely wide enough for one person to go in. After a dozen steps, it opened into a flood of light.”—The Peach Blossom Spring


In the wish to create an accessible free environment while having privacy and spaces designed separately for the use of host and guest, the 33-year old house was transformed into a two-storeycomplex, which comprises a reception hall on the ground floor and a private area on the upper level.


We focused on situational transformation and the guidance of movement as the coreof spatial development to set out for a journey of relaxedbody andmind that return to peace.

Objects are shaped by transformations between rugged and delicate materials; the extensions of lines outline the appearances of different spaces. Changes in lighting between glimmers, darkness, brightness, and dimness are combined with plant designs to represent transitions of the mind.


It is a reflection of life, where every moment displays a different landscape.




Building area:

1815 m²



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