T-Touching Store

T-Touching, a brand founded in Taiwan and specialized in modular switch and socket design, touches people’s hearts with its simple, changeable and humanized product design.


Ideated from the brand slogan “Artwork on the Wall", the first floor is arranged with the theme of art display. The semi-permeable space frame is inspired from the product contour. Products of different combinations are arranged among and within the frame, creating effect of partly hidden and partly visible to present the beauty of sequence. Flexible use of space reinforces the function of flagship store. In addition to display, other events such as presentations, combination of related products, seminars, and dinner parties can also be held here.


The whole second floor presents a space with full range merchandise display and real-world experience, demonstrating the perfect matching between various materials and products.


Recognition starts from understanding, and gains slow exploration and fine experiences in continuation along the space, approaching closer to T-Touching.


Building area:

231 m²

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